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There is an explosive demand for mental health service and acceptance of teletherapy which provide new opportunities for psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists.

Teletherapy Services Provide a Breakthrough for Mental Health Professionals

As a mental health professional, you’re probably seeing explosive growth in the demand for your services. People are finally beginning to accept that it’s perfectly ok and even necessary to seek the mental health help they deserve and as a provider, that’s great news for you.

How Teletherapy can improve your practice

Teletherapy, using a simple, cloud-based, and compliant platform like HIPAA Video, can improve your practice by increasing your practice’s business performance, simplifying its overall management and improving patient relationships in ways that weren’t possible before.

Economic Benefits

Reap a myriad of economic benefits through telehealth. Decreasing your overhead whether it be staffing, operational costs, or rent is just a start. You will immediately get the flexibility to serve patients anywhere. You’ll also reduce wasted hours which often get in the way of the economic efficiencies of your business. 

Benefits to Patients

Patients have been the huge beneficiaries of the telehealth revolution. The convenience of receiving therapy from the comfort of their homes saves them time and money, and reduces their apprehensions. It also allows for more frequent touchpoints with patients, assuring their well being like never before.

Improving and Expanding Your Practice

With everything from flexible schedules to the savings telehealth creates, new opportunities for expanding and improving your practice are made more readily available than ever before. Whether it is improved engagement with patients, leading to better retention; to being able to maximize your schedule; your practice will improve and expand.

Scheduling and How We Help You

You’ve been there. You have a patient in your calendar for Thursday but his calendar has the appointment for Wednesday. Now you can make rescheduling and claiming open slots as easy as a click! Reduce errors and no shows! Invites are seamless and instantaneous connections make for successful treatment and a successful business.

Best Practices for Telehealth

Whether it’s how to best set up your camera, creating the optimal virtual environment, or the correct lighting – we have you covered! What are the best ways to be with your patient and create the safety and connection that you get in person, we have that for you too.

Troubleshooting and Addressing Challenges

As teletherapy is a relatively new area relative to the history of mental health treatment, challenges may still occur. Patients may need guidance on how to have telehealth work best for them. Additionally, technical issues may crop up. Compared to the amazing benefits, these obstacles are small and we have the resources you need to address them.

Teletherapy and COVID-19

Covid-19 remains of great concern, especially to the most vulnerable of patients. While social distancing rules across the country are being relaxed, many patients continue to want remote visits, whether it be for physical or mental health reasons.  Continuing to offer patients remote visits rather than a physical office visit will remain an important option for the foreseeable future.

For the Health of Your Practice.

For the Health of Your Patients.