The most trusted platform for successful
telehealth visits.

Our ease-of-use interface ensures your remote teams or care professionals can focus on your patients’ needs.

Secure Telehealth Care. No Dropped Video Calls.

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All-In-One Telehealth Solution for Institutions Large and Small

How it works

1. Add patients

All you need is your patient's name and email address. No limit to the number of patients or staff you can invite to your account.

2. Schedule a visit

Create a new visit from your private online calendar. Once scheduled, patients will receive automatic reminders via email & sms.

3. Start the call

At the time of the appointment, launch the visit from your calendar or lobby. Easy for you and your patient to join a private telehealth session.

Expanding Your
Access to Healthcare

Our HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing platform expands access to care, increasing patient turnaround, with on-demand options for immediate care.

Ease of use to ensure
patient satisfaction

All you need is a computer, smart device, or phone with the internet to easily access medical care through our HIPAA-compliant telecommunication technology.

Protecting You and Your Clients from COVID-19

Telehealth provides you access to the health care your patients need while practicing social distancing, protecting the healthcare provider and the patient from COVID-19.

Add Efficiency to your practice - Easy onboarding of staff members

Invite as many staff members to your account at no additional charge. They can help you manage your patients and their appointments.

Meet with Your Patients
Anywhere on Any Device.


Join from the comfort of your computer or smart device. Just click a link, sign in, and join!

BAA Included

Fully executed Business Associate Agreement included at no charge to all paid subscribers.

Feature Set

Including the ability to record, take notes, accept payments, and more.

End-To-End Encryption

All communication sent over the internet is highly protected using end-to-end AES Encryption.

HIPAA / HITECH Compliant

Protecting PHI and confidential health information by adhering to strict security regulations.

Let us prove to you why healthcare professionals choose us!

What Our Health Providers Are Saying

What Our Health Providers Are Saying

For the Health of Your Practice.

For the Health of Your Patients.