API Integration

Are you looking to integrate industry leading HIPAA compliant video conferencing capabilities within your existing practice software or app?  

We’ve built HIPAA Video’s API to easily integrate video visits with medical practice software of all types: appointment scheduling, financial records, EMR/patient records, remote patient monitoring, Android/iOS apps, and more.

How Are We HIPAA Compliant?

Our API integration doesn’t require, and never asks for, names or email addresses. We developed our API service to rely on anonymous keys that your system can process without any PHI being passed to us. Security and anonymity are at the backbone of everything we build.

Retain the relationships you already have with your EHR or PMS vendors, while attracting even more patients using HIPAA Video for secure telehealth conferencing.

Is our TeleHealth API right for your application?

If you’re looking to build, add, or integrate telehealth capabilities quickly and want to ensure you have the most robust option in this highly competitive space, talk to us about adding video capability to your project.

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