Improve Patient Outcomes with a Comprehensive Telehealth Platform

Serving thousands of telehealth visits per day,

HIPAA Video lets you focus on your patient with ease.

From Small Clinics to Enterprise Level Teams, We Ensure Telehealth is Maximized for Efficiency, Patient Experience, and ROI.

See for yourself why top clinics, colleges and hospitals trust us for their online patient communications.

Patient Tools to enhance confident patient engagement

High Quality Video and Audio

HIPAA Video delivers the sharpest possible video and audio quality, even in low bandwidth environments.

Fewer Dropped Video Calls

Video delivery is consistent and HIPAA Video adapts to your connection.

Chat & File Share

In addition to amazing video and audio, chat and file sharing features make sharing files as easy as a click of the button.

Screen Share

Share your full screen or an application with your patient. No plug-ins required, start sharing crisp screen quality any time.

Patient Notes

Take notes during your sessions and review them any time during or after your visit. Copy and paste your notes any time into your EMR/EHR system of choice.


Record visits with the consent from your patient. Records all video, audio, and screen shares that occur during a session.

Schedule and Calendar

Unlimited Session Minutes

No time limits means more control of your appointment. No additional charges for the length of your visits.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows by up to 30% with our automated notification system which sends reminders by Email and Text.

Unlimited Staff

Staff play a vital role in the management of schedules and patients, which is why HIPAA Video offers free Staff users with no limitations.

Manage Calendars

Provider calendars can be managed by other Staff by simply giving them permission to manage other Staff members’ calendars.

Group Calls (up to 5)

Host one-to-one visits or group sessions. Invite your staff, other patients, or a specialist into your appointment.

Unlimited Visits

No limits to the number of visits you can have. HIPAA Video gives you full access to the platform 24/7.

Customize your experience

NEW Custom Email Invites

Customize your email invitations by adding your company logo, address, contact information, important links, and a custom message.

NEW Accept Payment

Start accepting payments by connecting your Stripe account with your clinic. Apply fees to your visits and let your patient pay for the session online.

Security and Confidence

Protected, Private, and Secure

Always FREE

Patients are always free to use HIPAA Video. They will never be asked to pay for registering a patient profile to meet with their provider.

Secure Registration

Patient sign-in with a username and password is the ultimate solution to privacy and security. 2-Factor Authentication also available.

14-Day Free Trial

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Fill out the form, verify your email address, then you’ll be hosting HIPAA-compliant video visits within minutes!

What Our Health Providers Are Saying

What Our Health Providers Are Saying

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