Core Features

Telehealth Made Simple and Affordable

Windows, Android, iOS logos.
Operating Systems Devices
Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac OSX 10.9 and higher
iOS version 12 or higher
Smart Devices
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Chrome version 59 or higher (recommended)
Safari OSX 10.9 and higher
Firefox version 44 or higher
Opera version 43 or higher
Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

Use a Device of Your Choice

Save time and money by using HIPAAVIDEO.NET’s entirely web-based telehealth platform. Our simple and user-friendly interface doesn’t require any software installations, plug-ins, purchasing of additional equipment, or comprehensive training.

Provide Patient-Centered Care from Virtually Anywhere!

Our entirely web-based platform allows healthcare professionals to provide their patients with easier access to quality care. The process is effortless and easy to navigate for patients.

Simply schedule the appointment and the patient:

  1. Receives an Email and/or SMS Appointment Notification
  2. Clicks Provided Link
  3. Sent to a Landing Page
  4. Enter Authentication Code
  5. Reviews Appointment Details
  6. Clicks “Go to Appointment”
  7. Redirected to Provider’s Customized Lobby

Easy to Use Online Calendar

Doctor's lobby: appointment calendar.

Flexible Schedule

Schedule telemedicine appointments based on your availability and convenience.

Balance Your Schedule

View and confirm your availability easily while scheduling future appointments.

Efficiently Manage Your Time

Increase your practice’s workflow and manage your time more efficiently with our straightforward and easy to read online calendar.

Reduce No-Shows

Patients receive notifications reminding them of their upcoming appointment via email and/or text message. Appointment details will be displayed to the patient, allowing them to either confirm or cancel the upcoming meeting.

Assistant Credentials

Screenshot of the settings for the assistant account.

Assistance in Managing Your Practice

HIPAAVIDEO.NET allows each Provider the option of creating an assistant login who can help manage your patients and calendar.

No Additional Cost

Adding an assistant is not required, however, if you choose to utilize this feature, you can receive additional benefits with no additional cost.

Limit Assistant Access

Set restrictions on how much your assistant will be able to access. Delegate specific tasks to your assistant to help manage your practice more efficiently.

Save Time & Enhance Workflow

The assistant can help reduce the provider’s workload by assisting with scheduling appointments, managing the lobby, and adding updates, allowing the provider to focus on delivering quality care to the patient.