Teletherapy and COVID-19

COVID-19 evolving guidelines

While many social distancing rules are being relaxed, many patients continue to be concerned. Whether it be for physical or mental health reasons, patients would like the option to continue remote visits and not have to go to a physical office. Offering live video conferencing is a reliable alternative that allows you to continue seeing these patients. HIPAA Video’s platform is cloud-based and easy to use meaning you can get Teletherapy up and running quickly with your clients in a way that’s compliant with federal and state guidelines and regulations.

Continuing to provide patient safety

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced patients to balance their increasing mental health therapy needs with their need to stay safe and socially distant. HIPAA Video’s cloud-based teletherapy platform provides a simple interface that requires no training or downloads and works with any device and operating system, so patients can easily transition to teletherapy without any headaches.

Increased efficiency around COVID-19

Social distance rules and mask mandates are being relaxed across the nation. However, people are still going to be concerned about transmission rates because Covid-19 still exists and is rapidly evolving while affecting our lives. After a few years into the pandemic, therapists and teletherapy are now more practiced in dealing with situations related to Covid-19 and its impact on our mental health. It’s not far off to say that therapists are seeing an increase in more patients due to Covid-19-related anxiety, worries, and concerns which are all valid. As time goes on, therapists are more knowledgeable and are able to reach out to patients concerning Covid-19-related issues more efficiently.

Serving patients with chronic conditions

Teletherapy is expanding the limits of what is possible with healthcare. With the pressure of Covid-19 pushing for more remote accessibility, teletherapy is booming. Now, people with chronic conditions are able to seek therapy and necessary services that were difficult before Covid-19. Teletherapy makes it possible to envision therapy and healthcare that is accessible for people who couldn’t seek help before because of physical limitations. Teletherapy is a necessary medical tool that patients with chronic conditions will need as a permanent solution for their mental and physical health.


Troubleshooting and Addressing Challenges



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