Improving and Expanding your Practice

Ensure your practice grows

According to recent research, the rate that younger people are seeking mental health care help has spiked significantly and Millennials and Gen Z are quickly becoming known as the “therapy generations.” Digital tools are a lifeline for these newer generations of patients so you need to make sure that your practice aligns with their lifestyle needs. Integrating an easy and secure teletherapy platform like HIPAA Video is a no-brainer for making sure that your practice thrives as you attract younger patients into the future.

Open up more of your schedule

With packed schedules, patients are finding it tough to squeeze in their much-needed therapy appointments and you might have found it just as challenging to accommodate their demanding or unusual schedules. Teletherapy gives you the flexibility to hold sessions during times that may normally be considered “off-hours”, such as someone needing an emergency session or a patient seeking cognitive behavioral therapy who needs an extended amount of time. Opening up more time in your schedule for appointments helps you see more patients in a day, increasing your practice’s revenue, not to mention your overall impact within your community.

COVID-19 and opportunities due the changes to regulation

Generally speaking, your patient must participate in the therapy session from the state/jurisdiction where you have a license. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, many state licensing boards have loosened certain practicing restrictions which may provide you with more flexibility in terms of where your patients can be located when receiving therapy. We recommend that you check with your state’s licensing board to understand the specific changes.

Expanding patient outreach

Reaching a wider network of patients allows for your practice to grow and for once, teletherapy allows that to happen. With teletherapy being more accessible to patients, there is an opportunity for your practice to benefit from consistent sessions with patients which will also benefit them. More appointments throughout the day mean more revenue for one. Additionally, teletherapy reaches a wider geographical clientele. What could be hours of commute are now eliminated through teletherapy. Patients will no longer have to think about accessibility, distance, and scheduling differences and this contributes to more people taking advantage of teletherapy. An increase in accessibility will naturally expand your practice for the better.


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