Scheduling and How We Help You

Reduce schedule errors and no-shows

You’ve been there. You have a patient in your calendar for Thursday but his calendar has the appointment for Wednesday. Now the patient has no alternative time and you have to scramble to fill up the empty slot. HIPAA Video helps you avoid these headaches by providing integrated calendar tools that help with accurate scheduling and automatic appointment reminders, both of which reduce no-shows by up to 30% in comparison to in-person therapy.

Stay clear of schedule mishaps

Scheduling mishaps can cause major disruptions to your patient’s well-being as well to their progress. HIPAA Video provides integrated calendar tools and alerts that help patients avoid schedule mishaps or conflicts, ensuring that patients continue to reap the benefits of their therapy.

Our therapist users report an average of 30% fewer missed sessions when calendar invites and appointment reminders are used with patient scheduling.

Reduce scheduling errors

Having and actively implementing a good scheduling system ensures that you and your patients are on top of all of the scheduled appointments agreed upon, as well as reducing confusion and mishaps. HIPAA Video’s built-in scheduling system makes it easy for therapists to schedule appointments with patients and steers away scheduling errors. With HIPAA Video’s easy-to-use scheduling system, therapists are able to choose the date, time, and duration, as well as setting recurring appointments when necessary.

Ensures punctuality and accuracy

Appointments and sessions are notorious for running over the time allotted and running into other scheduled appointments. When this happens, appointments are forced to be pushed back and cause stress, over delays, rescheduling, and cancellations. HIPAA Video’s scheduling system ensures you make it on time to scheduled appointments by sending our multiple reminders and by locating the appointment on your calendar. Additionally, the system will have fixed times for each session and appointment noted to ensure that therapists stay punctual and treat all patients in a timely and thorough manner.

Instant solutions and rescheduling

Patients have their personal lives and busy schedule that can spontaneously change in an instant. It’s important for therapists and their offices to allow room for change and flexibility when needed by the patient. HIPAA Video’s integrated calendar tools allow for instant solutions, appointment cancellations, and rescheduling when necessary.


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