How Do Telehealth Tools Offer Security, Safety, and Personalization

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How Do Telehealth Tools Offer Security, Safety, and Personalization

The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing recommendations changed the concept of healthcare consultations. Healthcare providers adapted by turning to technology for providing patient care.

According to a survey, 43% of adults indicated that they want to continue using telehealth services even after the pandemic ends. HIPAA Video is a suite of telehealth tools that provides patients with this valuable service. Care providers in turn have the ability to see more patients.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of HIPAA Video for your medical practice or clinic.

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Safety Is a Top Priority: Telehealth Tools Offer the Security You Need

Telehealth tools bridge the gap between in-person consultations and social distancing. This way care providers and patients avoid unnecessary physical proximity and the risk of infection.

It's natural for patients to worry about safety when sitting in a waiting room with sick patients. HIPAA Video makes healthcare more accessible for those patients from the comfort of their homes while telehealth tools offer the security and online safety that you need.

Individuals with compromised immune systems or have difficulty commuting often minimize their clinic visits. A telehealth option will allow more frequent access to healthcare services for them.

Clinics and medical practices benefit by onboarding those patients seeking telehealth alternatives and possibilities. The patients in turn have access to the care they might not otherwise seek.

Personalized for Your Practice or Clinic

The HIPAA Video calendar can be personalized to suit your practice or clinic's needs. There are no constraints on session times or call lengths. This means that you remain flexible in your patient interactions.

You are also in control of the invitation emails sent to clients. Add your logo, contact details, and a personalized message for a professional look.

The telehealth suite also offers flexibility in the number of people on the call. For example, a GP may include a specialist on the call with their patient. This can boost patient satisfaction and understanding.

For therapists offering teletherapy, the group call feature is especially helpful. It allows patients to join from their own devices for family sessions.

Telehealth Security and Privacy Solutions

We understand that security and privacy are highly important when handling patient information. Our platform features state of the art telehealth tools that offer security such as HIPAA-compliant video calling, secure chat, and secure file sharing.

Any video recordings or patient notes remain secured by end-to-end AES encryption.

Patients ensure their privacy by signing in with a username and password. They also have the option to enable 2-factor authentication for extra security.

HIPAA Video takes convenience and security to the next level by incorporating secured online payments. Patients are able to complete a session and pay seamlessly.

Sign Up for a Free Trial Today

HIPAA Video is designed to aid medical professionals in managing their telehealth patients. You can schedule sessions, capture patient notes during calls, and much more.

Care professionals will be able to focus more on patients. This can also increase patient turnover times for your practice. Telehealth services also expand access to health care.

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