HHS Giving Out Millions in Grants for Telehealth Care

HHS Giving Out Millions in Grants for Telehealth Care

HHS Giving Out Millions in Grants for Telehealth Care

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded $16.3 million in grant funding to expand telehealth care and support for current Title X participants. Title X is the only existing federal grant program to focus on family planning and specifically, Title X provides immediate support for women in need of reproductive health care services.

“As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, family planning clinics had already augmented the use of telehealth,” said Adm. Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health. “These awards will help programs accelerate telehealth even more across the communities receiving awards.” HHS’s generous grant will reach Title X clinics across 26 states, one U.S. territory, and one freely associated state which will immediately provide the support needed to ensure secure telehealth services and care.

What is Title X?

Since its inception in 1970, Title X family planning clinics across the nation have brought immediate access to family planning and preventive health services to individuals in need of support. More than 190 million low-income or uninsured individuals have depended on Title X clinics and their services which include reproductive health care, breast and cervical cancer screening, contraceptive counseling and care, and STI/HIV testing. Title X services are available and accessed through a network of clinics which included state and local health departments, federally qualified health centers, hospitals, and private nonprofit and community-based health centers.

How HHS is supporting Title X

Since the rise of Covid-19, the demand for telehealth in lieu of in-person doctor's visits is increasing and it’s only natural to expand federal programs to meet that demand in order to provide the services that individuals need. With increased funding for current Title X family planning grantees, people are able to have better access and support through state and federal programs. 

Starting on May 15, 2022, HHS awarded grants to current Title X family planning grantees for a 12-month project period. The program is specifically funded through the American Rescue Plan and is another step in the Biden-Harris’ Administration’s move towards ensuring family, preventive, and reproductive care for women and families across the nation when sexual and reproductive healthcare is at risk.

In a statement, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra says, “Expanding telehealth at our nation’s Title X family planning clinics will help ensure all women and families have equitable access to this essential care. Across the nation, we are seeing attacks on sexual and reproductive health care services, and through these funds and other HHS efforts we can ensure that we’re able to provide this care that so many across the country need.” 

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