Provider Benefits


If you are a healthcare provider who electronically submits health care information, you are what Health and Human Services (HHS) considers a “covered entity.”

You are also well aware that the use of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) requires strict guidelines to be met and upheld under HIPAA regulations.

When choosing which telehealth platform best fits your needs, it’s vital to assure the telehealth platform you select follows the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule and is compliant with HIPAA regulations. To provide peace of mind for the patient and the medical professional that all ePHI is:

  1. Only accessed by authorized users.
  2. Integrity  is shielded through a system that is highly secure and  safeguarded.
  3. Monitored under a method to prevent any breaches.

When a covered entity produces ePHI that is stored by a third-party, it is necessary that the healthcare provider has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The agreement is required to maintain compliance with HIPAA guidelines concerning telemedicine.

HIPAA Video offers all their paid subscribers a Business Associate Agreement!