Improve Patient Outcomes with a Comprehensive Telehealth Platform

A better alternative to, HIPAA Video provides HD Video and appointment scheduling for a superior Teletherapy experience. To get more standard features and excellent customer support, with no setup costs or hidden fees, sign up now and start seeing patients today.

14-Day Free Trial and then Only $10/month.

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Price Comparison:

$10 / month / host

$35-50 / month / user

Free Trial

All features included

Lacks most features




Notable Features

HIPAA Compliance

Mobile Devices



What the Reviews say…

“Best by far of any platform I’ve tried. Honestly, had maybe one drop call out of 100? Like they said, got my free month. ;)”

“Recently, my calls are dropping more than ever. Not sure what happened with Doxy, but they’re just not reliable anymore.”

How We Compare to

How does a HIPAA Video session compare to a Doxy video conference? HIPAA Video provides a full-featured, easy-to-use telehealth platform with professional customer support. Our streaming technology was developed from the ground up for the security HIPAA requires and the clarity users want. We offer straightforward pricing, with unlimited sessions and every feature included at the same low rate of $10/month. Even the free trial allows unlimited access to everything we provide, from high-quality video to verified logins and group sessions. They claim to have designed Doxy Me to be simple and free but pricing charges incrementally for features we include standard.
We believe so strongly in our platform that we offer a 14-Day FREE trial.

No Dropped Calls

HIPAA Video offers the fewest dropped calls in the industry and to prove it, we will credit your next month free if you experience a dropped call!

Teletherapy Made Easy

HIPAA Video is a premiere real time Teletherapy video conferencing solution. Designed with the needs of health care providers as a top priority, HIPAA Video makes incorporating teletherapy into your practice or clinic simple and stress-free. Our mission is to make telemedicine simple yet secure and combining ease of use with data integrity is key.


Routine review by an expert compliance officer ensures our platform is 100% HIPAA compliant including end-to-end encrypted, so our patients and providers are protected. We use government grade hosting environments to ensure your videos, chats, screen sharing and teletherapy appointments remain private and that your protected health information is secure. We provide a signed BAA in accordance with HIPAA.

HD Video Lets You Really See Your Patient

We know seeing your patient means truly being able to provide better care.  We provide unlimited HD quality streaming video teletherapy. 

Our easy-to-use one-click interface makes it simple for patients to join and receive they care they value from your office. Added features allow you to chat, share files, and record sessions confidently knowing your teletherapy platform is fully HIPAA compliant.