Lawrence A. Brownstein

Chief Operating Officer

Larry Brownstein serves as HIPAA VIDEO’s Chief Operating Officer, where he leads business strategy.

About Lawrence

Larry Brownstein serves as HIPAA VIDEO’s Chief Operating Officer. He leads business strategy, sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth, and helps establish policies that promote company culture and vision. Additionally, Larry oversees the daily operations of the company.

Past Experiences

His past successes include leadership roles in multiple companies. These have ranged in size from self-funded start-ups to larger private equity-backed companies achieving full liquidity in material exit events.

Larry has extensive experience in healthcare, MedTech, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and life sciences. Larry spent 14 years as part of the founding leadership team at CRI Lifetree (CRI). In 2013, CRI was acquired by PRA International.

At the time, CRI was one of the largest privately-held providers of clinical research services. During his tenure at CRI, Larry served the organization in a variety of positions including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Business Officer. Since finalizing the sale of CRI, Larry has been advising, investing in, and helping to grow a wide variety of early-stage companies.

Free Time Activities

In his leisure time, Larry enjoys all professional and college sports, but he is partial to high school basketball. When the weather permits, you will find Larry on the golf course.