Vito Lomonaco

President & Managing Director

Vito Lomonaco serves as HIPAA VIDEO’s President & Managing Director where he is primarily responsible for providing the team members at HIPAA VIDEO with remarkable guidance. Vito’s distinguished business experience has equipped him with the skills required to strategize, coordinate, and develop strategic policies, procedures, and methods that help enhance the performance of HIPAAVIDEO.NET. Vito also advises and consultants with HIPAA VIDEO’s Chief Operating Officer, Larry Brownstein, and oversees product development and marketing.

Vito also has over 20 years of experience operating various business verticals. In the mid-1990s, Vito ran a successful boutique Wall St. brokerage firm (L.B. Saks & Co.). L.B Saks grew from 4 to 90 employees in the course of three years and was responsible for five public offerings. Over that period, L.B. Saks generated over $30 million in revenue. In 2000, Vito retired from Wall St. and spear-headed several real estate LLCs, including H&L Properties, S&L Properties, and Maine World Consulting & Real Estate. He also owns and controls several multifamily dwellings in NE, Pennsylvania. Each property ranges anywhere from 15%-35% ROI on an annual basis.

In his leisure time, Vito enjoys off-road motorbiking. You can also find Vito splitting wood on a daily basis.