Portrait of Roger Greewald.

Roger Greenwald

Vice President of Regulatory & Compliance

As the Vice President of Regulatory & Compliance for HIPAA VIDEO, Roger Greenwald is predominantly responsible for providing product design assistance, implementing quality management systems, conducting internal and supplier audits, and remediating FDA and international regulatory deficiencies for clients. Roger is a principal at NJK & Associates, Inc where he specializes in troubleshooting and root cause analysis, training, and audit remediation. Roger also teaches clients the letter and intent of the regulations to facilitate the achievement of business and regulatory success.

Roger and his team members at NJK & Associates, Inc. have been providing engineering, quality, and regulatory services to medical device and in-vitro diagnostic companies worldwide since 2005. Roger is incredibly skilled at making complex systems and processes understandable to others. Before launching his consultancy, Roger had a career spent in product design, manufacturing, and quality for large and small companies. Roger holds an undergraduate degree in physics and a graduate degree in optics and has worked in the design and manufacturing of medical devices for 40 years. He also holds 54 US patents, mostly for medical devices.

In his leisure time, Roger enjoys cooking, photography, and equestrian sports. He has also taught cooking, dog obedience, and agility classes.