Michael O’Brien

Platform Maintenance Specialist

As HIPAA VIDEO’s Platform Maintenance Specialist, Michael O’Brien supports the business management team by helping to identify and explain the logistics and costs associated with proposed features and products. When working with the marketing and product design teams, Michael analyzes and evaluates requested changes and product improvements for potential issues, while proposing additional features or technologies for implementation as appropriate. Once proposed features have been given the green light, Michael produces design instructions and technical specifications for the development team to implement. His primary role involves analyzing proposals and working to ensure they are both properly implemented, and well supported upon production. Michael also works to ensure our customer support staff is equipped with the tools necessary to properly support HIPAA Video’s clients.

Michael has 20 years of experience in the fields of networking, server management, product support, and software development where he worked for large companies such as Konica Minolta, and for smaller to mid-sized companies that perform boutique or white-glove services for major clients such as the NFL, MLB, ESPN Zone, M&T Bank, and others. Described at a high level, Michael specializes in fixing problems and implementing solutions.

Michael’s hobbies primarily revolve around computers, networking, and video imagery. He has an active interest in drones, VR, PC building, and automation. In his leisure time, Michael also enjoys motorcycles and other power sports.