Portrait of Craig Waldrep.

Craig Waldrep

Vice President of Product & Client Support

As the Vice President of Product and Client Support for HIPAA VIDEO, Craig Waldrep’s primary responsibility is to improve the overall experience and satisfaction of the client. Craig’s outstanding customer service and practical communication skills make him a vital member of the team. Craig’s consistent, collaborative efforts help to ensure all departments, such as Sales, Marketing, and Development, remain in accordance with usage trends, and product strategies are implemented in an efficacious manner.

Craig has an Associate’s Degree in Multimedia/Applied Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Media Arts & Design. Craig is a graphic designer by profession; however, his wide range of work experience makes him a master in nearly every trade. Craig worked for two Fortune 500 banks dealing with high-profile clients and account management. He also owned his own business providing all forms of IT services from network installations to end-user support. Craig has more than 15 years of technology-related experience in healthcare, education, government, and commercial/private sectors. The outstanding amount of patience Craig possesses helps him effectively communicate with clients who range from novice to advanced technical understandings. As Craig would say, “I can speak ‘geek’ talk, but I can also translate technical conversations into easy to understand layman’s terms.”

In Craig’s leisure time, he enjoys going to the movies, shooting pool, and traveling out of town to his father’s cabin with his wife and daughter. During football season, you can find Craig rooting for his home team, the Arizona Cardinals.