HIPAAVIDEO.NET was built from the ground up dedicated to changing the way the healthcare industry operates by increasing access to care for patients in remote areas, increasing workflow time-management and quality care. Our team is fully devoted to delivering only the highest-quality video sessions and customer support, guaranteed!

Our Mission

Our mission at HIPAAVIDEO.NET is to provide a simple and affordable solution for healthcare professionals and organizations who desire to implement telehealth services. We offer HIPAA compliant innovative technology to make it easier and more secure to provide quality care to patients from virtually anywhere. It is in our best interest to see practices grow and we are confident that our telehealth solution will benefit providers by assisting them in expanding their reach, increasing their practice’s revenue and enhancing their workflow.

Our main objective is to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they require to ensure their telehealth practices are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations while maintaining a patient-centered practice. We understand the importance of safeguarding and protecting sensitive and confidential health information and it’s our top priority.

Meet the Team

Vito Lomonaco

President & Managing Director

Coordinate, and develop strategic policies, procedures, and methods that help enhance the performance of HIPAAVIDEO.NET

Douglas Poirier

Vice President of Marketing and Development

Lawrence A. Brownstein

Chief Operating Officer

Leads business strategy, sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth and helps establish policies that promote company culture and vision.

Craig Waldrep

Vice President of Product and Client Support

Roger Greenwald

Vice President of Regulatory & Compliance

Michael O’Brien

Platform Specialist