About HIPAA Video

We are a diverse group of experienced professionals who are passionate about telemedicine. Supporting American's health is important to us. We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with the best video conferencing platform available.

Our Mission

Remote Visits, Real Simple

We believe the technology should not stand in the way of great patient care.  Designed with the doctor-patient relationship at the heart of our mission, our goal at HIPAAVIDEO.NET is to provide a simple to use telehealth platform, with the most advanced streaming video technology, in a fully HIPAA compliant and safe environment.

Products & Services

Devoted to delivering only the highest-quality video sessions and customer support

We offer HIPAA compliant innovative technology to make providing quality care to patients from virtually anywhere easier and more secure. It is in our best interest to see practices grow. HIPAAVIDEO is designed to assist providers in expanding their reach, increasing their practice’s revenue, and enhancing their workflow.

HIPAA Compliance is our namesake

We further seek to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they require to ensure their telehealth practices are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations while maintaining a patient-centered practice. We understand the importance of safeguarding and protecting sensitive and confidential health information. HIPAA compliance is our namesake.

Want to know more? Have a question? Contact our team to learn more about our capabilities.  We are eager to help you provide a better telehealth experience for your patients.

Meet the Team

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